Evening Over Northern GeorgiaThe sun drops below the horizon leaving warm evening colors in the sky over the Helen and Cleveland area.
Farm Barn in the EveningAn old style barn stands in the evening sunset on a grass hill in Enon, Ohio.
Cement LayersA set of layered cement blocks found in a park climb into a blue sky near Dunwoody, Georgia.
Dustin Dawson Targeted
Savana Jade Wehunt on the attack with a chainsaw as Dustin Dawson backs in horror at the Goat Farm Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.
Savana Jade Wehunt
Actress and stunt double from The Walking Dead playing a role she knows best at the Atlanta Goat Farm.
Dukes Creek Falls 2A view of Dukes Creek Falls as ice rests on the ground below.
Dukes Creek FallsA long exposure view of Dukes Creek Falls near Helen, Georgia.
Smith Creek of HelenA view of Smith Creek at the bottom of Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, Georgia.
Inman YardA view of the some of the many trains and raiload tracks that pass through Inman Yard in Atlanta, Georgia.
City Sunrise Watchers
A view of a monument with a sculpture of a couple looking over the city of Atlanta as the sun tries to rise over clouds.
Red Shed
A view of still water as a red shed reflects off the water ahead of the grand Desoto Falls in Alabama on Lookout Mountain.
McDaniel Farm Park Barn
A view of an old barn sitting in McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth, Georgia.
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